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Scooter Insurance


Scooters are essentially automatic motorcycles with step through frames and footboards instead of footpegs. They’re popular in cities due to their cheap price, practicality (most of them have underseat storage) and ease of use thanks to them having no gears.

What is a scooter

In a word; yes. Any vehicle that has not been declared off the road (SORN) must have a relevant insurance policy, regardless of whether you’re riding it or not. Failure to insure your scooter or to obtain a SORN could result in a fine. For more information read about our motorcycle cover types explained here.

How much is scooter insurance

Scooter insurance premiums tend to be lower than for motorcycles as they generally have smaller capacity engines and they’re cheaper to repair in the event of a crash. If you’re 16-years-old and thinking about getting a scooter as your first form of transport, premiums will still be pretty high, though.

Vespa are a popular and well known scooter brand, and they’re still producing their iconic scooters today. They’re popular with stylish urban commuters but they’re not always the most practical choice. 

Piaggio are another Italian brand who actually own Vespa, although Piaggio scooters tend to be slightly more modern and practical. They even have a range of three wheel scooters if that’s your thing.

But scooters definitely aren’t just an Italian thing. Most of the big manufacturers have a scooter or two in their range and Yamaha’s T-Max is one of the most popular in Europe.

What’s cheaper to insure a moped or a scooter

There seems to be a lot of confusion over what is cheaper to insure between a scooter and a moped, and the simple answer is mopeds are cheaper to insure as they are seen as a lower risk; typically mopeds are cheaper than scooters and generally have smaller engines (50cc or less). 

For more information on scooters V mopeds, take a look at our article covering just that.

How can i get cheaper scooter insurance

As with most two wheelers, the easiest ways to lower your insurance premium is to decrease the mileage you cover each year, and make sure your bike is stored securely overnight. The more security you add – and tell your insurance company about – the lower your premium will be. Likewise a locked garage will bring lower premiums than if you park it on the street.

Another way to make your scooter insurance cheaper is to increase your voluntary excess. This will bring your premium down, but you’ll have to make sure you’re able to afford the excess should you need it. To find out more about tips for cheap bike insurance, read our full article on top tips here. 

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