Four wheels to two: Car Online Editor Curtis Moldrich turns to bikes during coronavirus


Coronavirus has impacted lots of people in lots of ways, and right now – despite my background as a car journalist – I think a bike could be the perfect antidote to my pandemic-related troubles. And this isn’t *just* an excuse to hop onto something with a ludicrous power-to-weight ratio. 


For me, public transport is out the question unless totally unavoidable, and while a car feels more isolated, a motorbike goes one better. It’s totally removed from the germ-carrying public and the passengers you quietly suspect of harbouring disease – a motorbike is the closest you can get to your own bubble.  


Financially, the insurance and running-costs of a bike are significantly lower than a car for someone of my age (31) – and when combined with the uncertainty in various industries in 2020, I’d rather have as few overheads as possible. Getting a competitive insurance quote through MCN Compare will help to save even more.


Finally, I have a feeling riding will be a great form of relaxation, but ironically for the same reason my first few rides were so stressful. No car experience of mine so far has compared to my first few miles on a basic Honda CB125. The feeling of nakedness, speed but also total control left me wide-eyed – but importantly left no room in my mind for the usual stresses that have been building-up over the last few months. Think of it like a detoxing electric shock, a clear out of my thoughts, and you’re pretty much there.


Motorcycles have always been in the family, and growing up, various two-wheeled machines always occupied spaces in the garden, shed and garage – and sometimes all three. A CRM250, Bandit 600 (ridden to Morocco and back), Fireblade and GSX-R600 race bike; they’ve always been around – but I’ve never really had the desire to jump on one. That is until a few months ago, when everything seemed to take a nosedive. 


So, for the reasons above – and also because MCN and Honda are letting me – I’ve decided to begin my bike journey at 31. Over the next few reports, I’ll explain what you’ll need to ride a bike in 2020, along with any buying advice and tips I collect along the way. And I’ll show my working, so you can see exactly how much I save compared to running a car.

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Written by, Curtis Moldrich, Car online Editor.
Edited by Sian Daly, MCN Compare content editor.