The quickest way to compare your cheapest motorcycle insurance quotes!

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Thousands of customers are making fantastic savings on their bike insurance every day using MCNcompare.com. From Gixxers to Gold Wings, mopeds to muscle bikes, compare prices from a huge range of quality UK bike insurers and you could save up to £150.


Barnaby Catt-Marrison,

BMW1150GS Rider, Hertfordshire

Barnaby Catt-Marrison, BMW1150GS Rider, Hertfordshire, was one of the hundreds of MCN Compare users who reported a big saving.

He said: "I've got a 2006 BMW R1150GS Adventure and I ended up SAVING £169.34 on my insurance. I'm now paying £116 fully comprehensive, which I was impressed with. I've got nine years no claims bonus, but even so, that seems like good value. Goodness knows how low the cost would be if I had a smaller bike.

The site itself was easy to use and it only took me a couple of minutes to get it sorted out. It's also useful to get quotes on bikes you've got in mind because you only have to change the bike details. I've got my eye on a KTM 950 Supermoto..."

Devices Images Devices Images

Devices that protect against Thieves!

A padlock and chain can go a long way in deterring the chancing thief’s of the world. As well as a visual and physical deterrent the chain can also lower insurance prices. A chain that is industry approved (Sold Secure or Thatcham), coupled with a securely fixed ground anchor can significantly drop your premium.

Chains and anchors can be expensive, especially for quality products, it may even take some time to cover the savings you made on the insurance. However, you are securing your motorcycle and it is an investment. After all a £100 chain is easier on the wallet than a stolen motorcycle. Approved Immobilizers, alarms, tracking devices and security markings are all options to consider and will also lower your premium.

The quickest way to compare your cheapest motorcycle insurance quotes!

Get an insurance quote from a huge 44 trusted motorbike insurers on mcncompare.com. The form is quick and simple to fill in and in just a few steps you can view multiple quotes, saving you the pain of trawling multiple sites in the hunt for a better quote.

MCN Compare doesn't just save you time either - you could have more money in your pocket too.

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