Making a claim after a motorcycle accident


If you ever have to make an insurance claim, there are a few basic things to remember when at the scene of the accident to ensure your claim goes through smoothly.

Make note of the basic details

Firstly, your insurer will need to know the basic information: time, date and place of the incident; details of the other vehicles involved; names and addresses of anybody else directly involved and any witnesses at the incident.

Any injuries?

If anyone has been hurt in the accident you must call the police, and if necessary an ambulance. Avoid accepting blame for the accident until you know precisely what happened as it could count against you later on. Finally, round up the details of as many independent witnesses as possible, even taking statements from them at the scene using your phones voice recorder.

Obtain evidence

You will also need to tell your insurer as much as you can about the incident and how it took place. Take pictures with your phone of as many different angles as possible. If your incident involves a foreign vehicle ensure you obtain details of both vehicle and driver.

To avoid exaggerated claims from an injury being made against you, it is very helpful to your insurer if you can capture any damage caused to a third party vehicle. If you have scraped a car driver’s door with your bar end and there is barely a mark on the car, it would be very difficult for the driver to submit and justify a claim for a whiplash injury.

Fraudulent multiple claims for whiplash to ‘phantom passengers’ are common, so if possible, photograph the other vehicle identifying how many passengers are in it.

Call our experts

MCN Compare have teamed up with Bikelawyer and are now offering a free accident advice line with you if you have taken out a policy with MCN Compare, this advice line is available to customers for the full year their policy is active for. Bikelawyer is a leading firm of specialist motorcycle accident solicitors founded on the principle of providing injured bikers with unparalleled expertise coupled with first rate service. So if you have an insurance policy with us and are unsure following an accident call 01446 794199 and reference your policy number for free accident advice from our experts!

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