MCN’s guide to 125cc motorbike insurance


The 125cc motorbike market is huge in the UK, but why are they so popular? It’s primarily because you’re able to ride one with just a CBT (a day’s training course on basic riding) on a provisional licence, which means you’re able to learn the ropes of motorcycling without going through the far more lengthy process of passing the UK’s full motorcycle licence. You can’t carry passengers or use motorways, though, and you’ll need to display L-plates.

Because they’re relatively accessible they’re incredibly popular with commuters, food delivery riders and couriers, as well as those who are practicing to take their full ‘A’ or ‘A1’ test.

Although many 125s are used for commuting, there are also some models that are favoured by younger riders – particularly in the sportsbike sector – and as a result machines like race replica Aprilia RS125, Yamaha YZF-R125 and Suzuki GSX-R125 are among the most searched-for motorcycles on sale.

Naked 125cc motorbikes are extremely popular too, with the Yamaha MT-125, KTM Duke 125 and Honda CB125R often catching the eye of those who want a comfier riding position than a sportsbike.

Listen to the sound of the 2020 Yamaha MT-125 in our video review:

These bikes generally attract a younger and more inexperienced audience which generally leads to a higher insurance premium.

In a post-Covid world, a 125cc bike makes so much sense for those commuting to an office, and particularly if you work in a city. It’s a fantastic way to save money compared with driving a car, and it’s far more socially distanced than public transport.

What’s it like riding a 125cc motorbike?

With a maximum power output of 11kW (15bhp) and a power-to-weight ratio of not more than 0.1kW per kg, 125cc bikes in the UK market aren’t the last word in sizzling speeds. They’re capable of 70mph, just, but it takes quite a while to get to those sorts of speeds.

They’re far happier ridden below 50mph, where their performance is sufficient to get a rider out of a bad situation if needs be. In fact, smaller 125s like the loveable Honda Grom are hilarious fun to ride at low speeds.


There’s a choice of geared 125s or twist-and-go automatics, with the latter bikes being scooters in the vast majority of cases.

How much is 125cc bike insurance?

The average bike insurance for a 125cc in the UK can vary widely depending on how many miles you cover in a year, your address and where the bike will be kept overnight. 125cc insurance can be generally cheaper because the bikes don’t produce a huge amount of power, meaning they’re easier to ride.

However, to lower your insurance premium on a 125cc motorbike, the best way is to pass your full licence. Most riders tend to move on to a bigger bike at that point, though.

Another way is to ensure you compare insurance prices and not just go with the first price given to you by your insurance provider. MCN Compare offer all the top insurance providers in one place and our form is quick and easy to fill out: compare insurance prices now.

Cheap 125cc motorbikes to insure

Getting the cheapest 125cc bike insurance usually comes down to picking a bike that suits you and your needs, and often that used to mean in the lowest insurance group bracket possible for the cheapest running costs.

However, in recent times insurance companies have moved away from using insurance groups as a reference point, meaning it’s more important than ever to shop around for the best deal. MCN Compare can help you do that.

As a general rule, the sportier the bike, the higher the premium, but you can still get something with a bit of character and also get a good deal, particularly with some of the newer companies coming to market offering ultra-low list prices, such as Lexmoto or Sinnis.

In fact, Sinnis are currently (in July 2021) the only bike manufacturer offering an adventure model – the Terrain 125 below:


How can I get cheaper 125cc insurance?

You can get cheaper 125ccc motorcycle insurance by securing your bike properly, covering fewer miles and using it only for social and pleasure use.

If you have access to a locked garage, parking your 125cc bike in there overnight will help lower the insurance premium. To make it even cheaper put extra security on your bike such as disc locks, chains and alarms. The Met police’s Lock, Chain, Cover campaign has these very measures in mind.


Covering fewer miles over the course of a year (where possible) will also lower your insurance premium, as will not using it for business.

You can compare and save on comprehensive 125cc insurance cover with MCN Compare. There are other levels of cover such as third party fire and theft, but they can work out more expensive than fully comp – particularly for the younger or inexperienced rider.

We compare against all the top insurers in one place to help ensure you get the cheapest insurance quotes possible. See for yourself – get an online quote with MCN Compare or call over the phone on 0330 022 5970.

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