Motorbike cameras and how they can help with your insurance

Motorbike cameras and how they can help with your insurance

Motorbike cameras can be useful tools – helping you record your favourite rides as well as providing evidence if you’re involved in an accident. But how do you choose a camera for your motorcycle and can they really help you get cheap motorbike  insurance? We find out here.  

What motorbike cameras are there? 

You can buy motorbike helmet cameras or cameras that can be fixed to the front and back of your bike. Both have benefits and drawbacks so what’s right for you will really depend on what you want the camera for.  

For instance, if you’re keen to record and savour your adventures, a helmet camera is more likely to give you an accurate ‘first-person’ view. After all, it’ll video what you see. Nevertheless, while this might allow you to keep great memories, a helmet mounted camera won’t be much use if your motorbike is stolen or damaged while you’re not around.  

With that in mind, if you’re considering a camera mainly for safety and security, having one fixed to your motorbike might be the more practical choice.  

How do motorbike cameras work? 

Whether you choose a fixed camera for your motorcycle or a motorbike helmet camera, they’ll usually work in similar ways. Footage is recorded on a memory card with the oldest recordings overwritten by the newest entries. To store your footage, you just need to upload it from the memory card to your computer.  

If you’d rather not mess around with memory cards, some motorbike cameras also come with Wi-Fi so you can connect automatically and watch recordings on your smartphone or tablet.  

Why should I use a motorbike camera? 

There are all sorts of benefits to using a motorbike camera – not least because motorcyclists are considered vulnerable road users compared to drivers of cars and vans. Having a motorbike camera can give you some added reassurance that common motorcycling accidents will be captured on tape – especially on rural roads where there may not be witnesses.  

Other reasons why you might want to invest in a camera for your motorcycle include: 

  • Lower insurance premiums – some insurers offer discounts on premiums if you have a motorbike camera. For many insurers, your willingness to have your riding skills recorded suggests that you’re more likely to stick to the rules of the road.  
  • It could speed up the claims process – if you have video footage of an accident, it could show who was at fault. 
  • Help deter theft and vandalism – having a motorbike camera fixed to your bike could make opportunistic thieves think twice about stealing or damaging your motorbike.  
  • Keeping you safe – motorbike cameras with GPS and speed warnings can help you keep within legal limits.  
  • Sharing great memories – how many times have you been on a thrilling ride and not had anyone to share it with? With a motorbike camera, you can keep, share and rewatch your favourite trips. 

Of course, where there are upsides, there are downsides too, and camera footage can also be used as evidence against you, if you were the cause of an accident.  

Motorbike cameras and how they can help with your insurance


What are the best motorbike cameras? 

The ‘best’ motorbike camera is one that will fulfil your needs and fit your budget which is why it can help to think about what features are your priorities compared to what’s just ‘nice to have’.  

With that in mind, it’s worth considering: 

  • Resolution – the higher the resolution, the better the video quality is likely to be. 
  • Features – this really comes down to personal preferences, but features to think about could include Wi-Fi capability, GPS and speed sensors, waterproof casing or low-light and night-light vision.   
  • Memory size – the greater the memory capacity, the more you can record before you need to upload entries or old footage is overwritten.  
  • Cost – motorbike camera costs range from as little as £20 to more than £400 so no matter what your budget, there should be a suitable camera for you.  

You can also see what our experts have to say in their rundown of the best motorcycle helmet cameras and motorcycle dashcams 

Staying safe on your bike 

No matter what the reason for choosing a motorbike camera, remember to let your insurer know that you have one, because it could lower your insurance premium.  

You can also help cut the cost of cover when you compare motorbike insurance, which you can do right here.   

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