Sports Bike Insurance


What is a sports bike?

Generally speaking, sports bikes are designed to go fast and usually demonstrate the best in current motorcycle technology. They are often swathed with all the latest tech and parts and are designed to help racers cut lap times. Sports bikes are very focused machines and can be harsh to ride and uncomfortable when covering big distances but are the weapon of choice for those who race and who also often might do trackdays.

Most large manufacturers offer at least one sports bike in their range and it usually represents their flagship motorcycle with race-derived technology from MotoGP or World Superbikes.

How much is sports bike insurance?

With high speed often comes higher insurance premiums and sports bikes are no exception to this. Their desirability also makes them prime targets for theft too bumping insurance premiums up more. Because of this, most sports bike models will command higher insurance premiums, though the capacity of the machine will also have a big impact on the premium too.

Popular sports bikes

There are many popular sports bike models from both European and Japanese manufacturers.

Popular large capacity bikes include the Ducati Panigale V4 model range, the Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade and the Yamaha R1.

In 2019, BMW introduced an all-new version of their S1000RR that used Shiftcam engine technology to deliver one of the most flexible engines ever put in a superbike. Aprilia also squeezed the neutron-bomb-esque 1100cc V4 engine from their range-topping Tuono into a superbike frame to create the RSV4 1100 Factory.

From the mid capacity market comes a whole host of machines. The Yamaha R6, Kawasaki ZX-6R, Triumph Daytona 675 (and the new Moto2-inspired Daytona 765) and the more road-focused Honda CBR650R.

Why is sports bike insurance expensive?

Sports bikes are very attractive machines, not just in their design, but also to thieves as they command high premiums and are very distinctive. When purchasing a sports bike, it’s a good idea to think about security and where the bike will be parked too.

If the bike will be kept secured in a garage overnight it will not only save you money on replacing the bike if it does get stolen, but will also likely reduce your insurance premium too.

Locking and securing the bike can also help to reduce insurance premiums too. Using a heavy-duty motorcycle chain or even a disc lock can deter opportunist theft of your pride and joy and can sometimes be recognised by insurers with reduced premiums.

Other methods of securing your sports bike include ground anchors and disc locks.

Security markings and tracking devices can also help to identify stolen motorcycles increasing the chance of recovering the machine if it did get robbed. Alarms can also help to deter thieves too by drawing unwanted attention to them.

Sports bikes are also linked with riding fast due to their racing heritage and insurers can see this as a liability in some cases as some riders are more concerned with going as fast as they can rather than abiding to the laws of the road. We’re all guilty of going a bit quick at times but this has a knock-on effect on insurance as riding quick is linked with crashing as riders can be known go beyond their ability and have an accident.

Racking up a good no claims bonus will definitely help to reduce sports bike insurance premiums in such instances by proving to insurance companies that you are less of a liability on the roads.

Also, machine capacity will have some bearing on premiums too, with a 600cc sportsbike being cheaper to insure than a 1000cc equivalent. It makes sense to consider lower capacity bikes too if you’ll only be riding on the road as it’s very difficult to ride anywhere near the limit of a bigger machine on public roads, making a 600cc bike more rewarding to ride in many cases.

Finally, age will have an impact on your insurance premium too, with younger riders often being less experienced and more likely to ride quicker.

How can I get cheaper sports bike insurance?

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