Moped Insurance


What is a moped

In the UK, a moped is any low powered motorcycle with an engine capacity under 50cc and a maximum design speed of 31mph.

Moped insurance is generally quite cheap as they’re low powered, slow machines so you’re less likely to high-side out of the first roundabout.

They’re also cheap to buy, which again brings the insurance cost down – particularly beneficial for new riders

A moped can be used by a rider that is 16 years or older and can be ridden with a provisional license, a CBT and a completed motorcycle theory test. 

There are plenty of moped manufacturers out there and there has been a growing presence of Chinese manufacturers, who often offer more affordable models – a big selling point in an extremely price-sensitive market.

Lexmoto are one such Chinese manufacturer and offer a number of moped models that can be picked up for less than £1000, including the Echo 50 and Nano 50 scooters, or the Hunter50 and Aspire 50 motorcycles.

Sinnis are another popular Chinese outfit and currently have the Street 50 and Jet II, both available for under £1500.

Mopeds from European manufacturer Aprilia are also a popular option with the SR 50R proving to be a sporty looking machine. Another notable moped manufacturer is Peugeot, who offer the popular Speedfight 4, Django, Tweet and Kisbee ranges of machines. 

Do you need insurance for a moped

All motorised vehicles used on public roads will require valid insurance to be legally used. Insurance remains one of those aspects you purchase in the hope you will never need it. Yet, that doesn’t mean you should take the subject lightly. You still need to think carefully about what you are doing, because should the time come that you do need it, the right policy makes all the difference. Read our full article on motorcycle insurance cover types explained if you’re unsure on which cover is best for you.  

So, how much is moped insurance

Sadly, as with car insurance, young riders just starting on their moped ownership cannot escape the initial expense. New riders pay far more than anyone else on the road. With inexperience abound, insurers see younger moped riders as high risk – basically, you are more likely to crash and therefore claim from your insurer according to their statistics. 

On a similar note, you will not be entitled to any no claims discounts or no claims bonuses yet as these have to be built up.  

Prices for your cover will fluctuate wildly between firms but don’t let that put you off, as there are certain things you can do to keep the cost price as low as possible.

What’s cheaper to insure a moped or a scooter

There seems to be a lot of confusion over what is cheaper to insure between a scooter and a moped, and the simple answer is mopeds are cheaper to insure as they are seen as a lower risk; typically mopeds are cheaper than scooters and generally have smaller engines (50cc or less). Despite their cheaper insurance however, scooters have always been more sought after than mopeds (see search trends below). This is likely because of the wider range in engine size options.

For more information on scooters V mopeds, take a look at our article covering just that.

How can I get cheaper moped insurance

Many riders of small machines are new to the road or new to two wheels and both these factors will increase the cost of their scooter insurance or moped insurance. The only things that can help here to save you cash are to pass the test to get a full licence for your moped or scooter, and get some advanced riding instruction from an approved training body.

Scooters and mopeds are popular targets for thieves or joyriders, so make sure you buy a decent chain and lock (find them in the MCN Shop). Most scooters have space under the seat to carry a heavy duty lock, so there’s no excuses. If you buy an approved security device insurers could reduce the level of premium charged.

Shop around. You can compare and save on comprehensive moped insurance cover with MCN Compare. We compare against all the top insurers in one place to ensure you get the cheapest cover possible. See for yourself, get an online quote with MCN Compare (online and over the phone).

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