Does where you store your motorbike impact your insurance premium?

Does where you store your motorbike impact your insurance premium?

When it comes to motorbike insurance, premiums are affected by all sorts of factors – from your age, where you live and even to what you do for a living. In fact, insurers will also consider where you store your motorbike, but why does where you keep your bike make a difference and what can you do to ensure the lowest premiums?

How does my motorbike storage affect my insurance premium?

Insurers will ask you a number of questions when you arrange motorcycle insurance. The answers you give help your insurer calculate what the chances of you making a claim are. The higher those chances, the more you can expect to pay for cover.

For example, leaving your motorcycle exposed and parked on a public road overnight, increases the risk of it being damaged or stolen and can lead to an increase in premiums. On the other hand, insurers are likely to discount your premium if your motorbike is stored securely.

Research from the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) also reveals that in 2021, a motorcycle was 11 times more likely to be stolen than a car. That discrepancy is even more staggering when you learn that motorcycles represent just 3% of all vehicles registered in the UK, while cars make up 25%.

With motorcycle thefts disproportionately high, it’s little wonder that insurers are so concerned about where you store your bike. After all, more thefts means more payouts.

Where’s the best place to store my motorcycle?

The best place is the safest place. Of course, ‘safest’ will ultimately depend on where you live and what your storage options are.

If you’ve got access to a lockable garage this is likely to be one of the best options you have, especially if that garage is on your property. A secure shed or outbuilding can also be good alternatives.

What do insurers class as a garage?

Broadly speaking, a garage has to be a secure structure with a lockable entry point, a solid (concrete) floor, walls and a roof.

If you’ve got a purpose built shed or outbuilding, some insurers will also count this as a type of garage but there are usually some strict conditions. For instance, the shed must have a solid floor, walls that are secured to the base, and a roof. Fundamentally, what insurers don’t want is a shed that can be lifted up and your bike then stolen.

What happens if I forget to park my motorcycle in the garage and it’s stolen?

This is where it can get complicated. If you’ve told your insurer that you store your motorbike in a garage, you’ll usually enjoy a discounted premium. But that also means you’ll be expected to follow your insurer’s specific ‘garaging clauses’ or ‘garage endorsements’, which are rules about claims that relate to storage.

Under these rules, if you tell your insurer that you keep your motorbike in a garage, then this is what you’ll be expected to do. If you forget to put your motorbike away at night and it’s stolen by the morning, your insurer might not uphold your claim for theft.

What can I do to keep my motorbike safe without a garage?

Not everyone has the luxury of a lockable garage but there are plenty of other ways to keep your motorbike as safe as possible, here’s what to consider:

Standalone motorbike storage

Existing garden sheds can be made secure enough to store your motorbike. Ensure doors and windows can be locked and that the shed walls are anchored or secured to the base. The roof should also be secured to the walls. Remember that if your shed has windows, keep your motorbike covered and out of sight.

You could also invest in a motorbike storage shed or pod, but these can be expensive depending on the size you need.

Ground anchor and cover

Ground anchors are a wise choice regardless of whether you have a lockable garage or shed as it just adds an extra layer of security. Anchors vary in price ranging from less than £50 up to £100+.

Immobilisers and alarms

You can buy 2 in 1 systems that both immobilise your motorbike and raise an alarm. Again, prices vary considerably so you should be able to find a product that suits your budget. For ideas, take a look at these MCN picks.

Pick the right motorbike storage option for your insurance

It’s crucial to make sure your motorbike insurance policy reflects the way you store your motorbike. If it doesn’t, your insurer could refuse to pay out if you make a claim. With that in mind, it’s also important to take the time to check the terms and conditions set out in a policy to avoid unwittingly breaking rules.

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