Multi bike insurance with MCN Compare

It’s very common for bikers to have several motorcycles. If you’re lucky enough to own more than one, then you’ll understand the headache of trying to keep up with the admin: road tax, MOT, service, breakdown cover, and of course, insurance.

MCN are able to offer policies that are specifically for insuring more than one bike. Due to the complex nature of the quotes, we can’t currently do this online, but give us a call on 0330 022 4906 and someone will be on hand to help.

For a basic run-down of what you can expect, read on for our guide to multi bike insurance.

How do multi bike insurance policies work?

Multi bike insurance policies work on the premise you can only ride one of your bikes at a time. So while you’re out riding one bike, the ones at home will still be protected against accidental damage, fire and theft – if that’s the level of cover you’ve selected.


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What is the benefit of having multi bike motorcycle insurance?

The price of a multi bike policy is based on the bike in your collection that the insurers consider to be the biggest risk. You will be charged for each additional motorcycle on the policy, but multi-bike cover can often be a cheaper option. Also, having a multi-bike policy can help avoid paying potentially higher premiums.

If you have one policy already running it gets all the benefits of the NCD, but if you then buy another motorcycle, in most cases your insurance covers you as if you were a new rider.

At MCN Compare we can compare all the top insurers in one place so will make sure we find the right multi bike quotation for you. MCN Compare cannot offer multibike insurance via our online comparison tool, based on the nature of the quote. To get a multi bike insurance quote call our number here: 0330 022 4906 and find out how much you can save!

What bikes do people generally have in their fleets?

Some insurers will let you cover a mix of motorcycles such as modern and classic bikes on one policy. MCN can compare all the top motorbike insurance providers in one place, so will make sure we help find the right multi bike quotation for you and your personal situation.


Typical collections often include at least one more exotic model, such as a classic (like a Honda CB750) or a modern sportsbike (how about Ducati’s Panigale V4?), alongside a more practical machine such as an adventure bike (BMW’s R1250GS is hugely popular) or sports tourer like the Kawasaki Versys 1000.

Off-roaders are another type of motorcycle people have in their collections, with bikes like the Honda CRF300 Rally proving entertaining as well as hugely reliable.


Of course, if you’ve got a fleet of bikes, you’ll also want to make sure they’re securely tucked away when not in use. The advice for keeping multiple bikes safe is the same as for a single one, although collections are more likely to be kept inside. Good security is something insurance companies will want to know about, which will help you obtain the lowest possible premiums.

How do I get a multi bike insurance quote?

To compare and save on multi bike insurance call our number here: 0330 022 4906.
At this time, MCN Compare can not offer multibike insurance via our online comparison tool due to the complex nature of the quote. We’d advise you to call us, and please mention you’ve read this guide online.
Enjoy your fleet of bikes!

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