Multi-bike insurance


Sometimes having one bike just doesn’t cut it. If you’re lucky enough to own more than one then you’ll understand the headache that comes with trying to keep up with the copious amounts of paperwork, road tax, MOT, service and of course, insurance.

Multi-bike insurance policies work on the understanding you can only ride one of your bikes at a time. So while you’re out riding one bike, the ones at home will still be protected against accidental damage, fire and theft (if that’s the cover you have selected).

What is the benefit of having multi bike insurance?

The price of a multi bike policy is based on the bike in your collection which the insurers consider to be the biggest risk. You will be charged for each additional motorcycle on the policy. But the additional price of each motorcycle will still be much lower than the cost of an individual policy for each bike.

Also, having a multi-bike policy is the only way to use your no claims discount on each bike you own (there is usually a limit on this up to four). If you have one policy already running it gets all the benefits of the NCD, and the next one is treated as if you were a new rider. The only way you could get it to work would be if you had a multi bike policy.

Some insurers will let you cover a mix of motorcycles such as modern and classic bikes on one policy, we can compare against all the top insurers in one place so will make sure we find the right multi bike quotation for you. To compare and save on multi bike insurance call our number here: 0330 022 4906. MCN Compare can not offer multibike insurance via our online comparison tool, based on the nature of the quote. Alternatively, to get a standard online quotation click here.

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